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Registered on: 20-Dec-1999 Renewal date: 20-Dec-2017
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Design Variations
There are different special and exclusive designs for gabions that are mainly intended to meet some functional requisites and there were special terms that were used for certain forms. This includes the following:
Bastion – this is the gabion that has been lined internally with the membrane which is typically a nonwoven geotextile in order to allow the use of the granular land fill in replacement of rock.
Mattress – this is the kind of gabion which comes with a comparatively small height that is associated with lateral dimensions. When it comes to protecting the surfaces against wave erosion as well as to a similar attack, instead of supporting or constructing high structures.
Trapion – this is the kind of gabion that comes with a section which is a trapezoidal cross in look. It is mainly intended for stacking in order to provide a face which slopes instead stepped. This particular term is widely used in the contexts that are associated with the gabions.
How It Is Used in the Military?
During the medieval period, a gabion was a circle cage that comes with some open bottoms and tops that was made using wickerwork and is filled with soil to be used as a military fortification. The historic military gabion was commonly used in protecting the sappers as well as the siege artillery gun men. Those wickerwork cylinders used to be light and they can be transported conveniently inside an ammunition train, particularly when they were made in different diameters in order to fit perfectly one within another.
In the site of utilization within the field, they can be left standing on the end and staked in place and then filled with some soil in order to create a strong wall across the gun or to quickly build the bullet proof parpet next to a sap. These days, a gabion is used often to safeguard the FOBs from explosive, indirect fire and fragmentary.