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What is a Gabion?
What is a gabion? This is the free draining wall which is built through filling huge galvanized steel baskets with stones. The gabion walls are used in various applications and these are considered to be the most cost efficient structural wall accessible. A gabion basket is mainly available in different sizes to choose from. It comes in a half or one meter high and it measures 2 to 4 meters in length. Aside from that, there are many colors and types of rocks available right from typical river kind round rock, up to multi-colored dark and light fractured rock.
Flexibility is the important benefit that you can get in any gabion structures. Since the gabion baskets are made using galvanized mesh cable and they were filled with stone, the gabion structure’s flexibility will permit it to withstand, and endure pressure without deformation and cracking and breaking which takes place in case of other materials such as concrete. There are only some limits in terms of gabion wall construction. The wall could be built following grade alongside the street, tapered on the top so as to follow the altering elevation or it can be a terraced creating beautiful flower garden which could flow across the wall.
What are the Uses of a Gabion?
For the very first time, a gabion was considered as the reinforcing construction material that was initially utilized in France in the early part of the 19th century. It is important to take note that this early structure was functioning correctly until this point of time. The unique properties that a gabion structure shows off may be used to reinforce the banks of the artificial and natural reservoirs. Fast installation a well as the exceptional aesthetic appeal is making the gabion a highly famous and ideal means of landscaping.
Aside from reinforcing the primary functions which are installed and added on the banks of lakes and rivers, the construction of a gabion wall helps in restoring the natural biological balance within the surrounding regions. Following the construction, the bulk of which is the natural stone, contributes on the development needed for fish waste. Furthermore, at the end of the day, building, obtaining grass and shrubs, it turns out to be an integral element of a surrounding landscape. With the gabion design which efficiently produces the gain ground, particularly the slopes. It is where the benefits of a gabion can be seen completely, especially the way it becomes a better choice than any other building material.
A gabion does not require the usage of any special equipment which is available in the market and can be purchased and installed any time of the day. It is also important to keep in mind that the design together with the utilization of a gabion is very plastic. When you alter the ground level, they don’t have some additional loads, yet they slightly modify their size as they adjust to some new conditions. The main advantage is that a gabion naturally fits in the surrounding landscape as well as to the landscape view.
After some years which can be for as long as five years, they would be an indistinguishable element of the slope of either a ravine or hill, which is to be installed and strengthened. In the highlands, the gabion designs are mainly used in the construction of the retaining walls and protective devices which are responsible for preventing rockfalls, mudslides and avalanches. Aside from the previously mentioned benefits of a gabion, this structure also plays a big role when it comes to permeability and in drainage quality.
The water’s ability to pass naturally over the gabion will eliminate the probability of the hydrostatic loads as well as the wash out of buildings since the natural balance of the surface waters and ground is preserved entirely. Also, you should keep in mind that it is not a comprehensive list of the applications of a gabion. As a matter of fact, a gabion can be used in order to secure the bridge piers as well as the submarine water pipe.