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    Registered on: 26-Feb-2000 Renewal date: 26-Feb-2021
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    Facts About Diatomaceous Earth

    Diatomaceous Earth is also called Kieselguhr, Diatomite or Kieselgur. It is a sedimentary, siliceous, soft and naturally occurring rock that can be easily crushed and turned into fine and white powder. Diatomaceous Earth has a particle size that usually ranges from 3 micrometres to 1 milimetre. The typical particle size of Diatomaceous Earth is 10 up to 200 micrometres. The particle size of this white and fine sedimentary rock depends upon the granularity. The powdered form usually has an abrasive feel and comes with low density because it has a high level of porosity. Oven dried Diatomaceous Earth comes with a different chemical composition such as 2% Iron Oxide, 4% Alumina and 90% Silica.
    Aside from chemical composition, Diatomaceous Earth consists of fossilized relics of Diatoms which is a kind of hard shelled Algae. Diatomaceous Earth was formed or derived from the remains of oceanic unicellular algae and Diatoms. Diatoms are over 30 million years old and it was formed from the process of microscopic algae cementation of plant remains and other properties that exist on Earth’s surface.
    Diatomaceous Earth is very useful. People use this powder as a filtration tool, raw material for creating toothpastes and more. Diatomaceous Earth is an essential material for creating thermal insulator, dynamite, cat litter, plastic filler, rubber, plastic films, liquid absorbent and more.
    The Discovery of Diatomaceous Earth
    Peter Kasten discovered the existence of Diatomaceous Earth in 1836 or 1837. Kasten was a goods and peasant wagoner. He accidentally discovered Diatomaceous Earth when there was a sinking well located on the northern slope of a hill in Germany. Kasten initially thought that it was just a limestone that they can use as fertilizer. Eventually, Alfred Nobel used components of Diatomite to create dynamite. Wilhelm Berkefeld who was a Celle engineer discovered that Diatomaceous Earth has potential properties to serve as filter. He developed filters that have Diatomaceous Earth. In 1892, there was a spreading epidemic in Hamburg and they used the filters developed by Wilhelm Berkefeld. Fortunately, the filters were utilized successfully.
    Benefits of Using Diatomaceous Earth
    The existence and development of products made from diatomaceous earth powder served as a great relief to people. Extraction sites and storage sites of Diatomaceous Earth around the world are gradually increasing because there’s continuous development of useful products with Diatomaceous Earth. There is an increasing demand that’s why the providers of Diatomaceous Earth from different parts of the world continually collect this useful property. The increasing demand for Diatomaceous Earth is actually caused by proven and tested benefits of this property. The perks of using products that come with Diatomaceous Earth powder are listed below.
    ·0 Internal Body Cleanser to Human Body
    Diatomaceous Earth contains properties that serve as a mild and effective component that can cleanse the body internally. Taking diatomaceous earth capsules, diatomaceous earth food, diatomaceous food, diatomaceous tablet and other edible products with properties of diatomaceous powder can eliminate harmful organisms and invaders inside the digestive system. In line with this, taking tablets and diatomaceous earth human grade is highly recommended to people who need to cleanse internal organs particularly the digestive tract. Diatomaceous Earth food grade can act as an effective cleanser that supports regularity and removal of toxic metals inside human body. There are several existing studies that prove the efficiency of Diatomaceous Earth.
    ·1 Effective Tool to Discourage Pest, Fleas and Bed Bugs
    Do you want to get rid of insects like bed bugs, fleas and pests? If so, then you can use products that can discourage such insects. Use diatomaceous earth bed bugs, diatomaceous earth for fleas and diatomaceous earth pest to get rid insects. Diatomaceous Earth contains properties that serve as natural pesticides. There are studies saying that this powder can eliminate harmful insects. This natural pesticide is relatively helpful in lessening the amount of toxins existing in the environment. Make sure that you will only use Diatomaceous Earth labeled as Food Grade. Diatomaceous food grade and diatomaceous human grade labeled products signify that it is safe to use.
    ·2 Diatomaceous Human Grade to Have Healthy Heart
    Numerous researches also show that Diatomaceous earth food grade can offer health benefits to people. Taking Diatomaceous earth food, Diatomaceous earth tablet and Diatomaceous earth powder can help stabilize cholesterol levels and ensure a healthy heart. Diatomaceous earth contains nutrients such as Iron, Magnesium, Sodium, Silicon, Calcium and other minerals. These nutrients play a vital role in repairing damaged bones and muscles.
    ·3 Promotes Better Skin Condition
    Do you want to have good and smooth skin condition? Youthful and good skin can be achieved by taking food grade Diatomaceous Earth. This powder contains strong abrasive that can assist in body exfoliation. Toothpastes and facial exfoliators contain Diatomaceous Earth. The efficient process of exfoliation plays a vital role. It is the process of dead skin cells removal. Elimination of dead skin cells can help you get healthy and smooth skin cells.
    ·4 Serves as Natural Sources of Silica
    Diatomaceous Earth labeled as Food Grade contains almost 86% Silica. The supply of Silica is essential for bones, blood vessels, cartilage, tendons and other body parts. Silica contributes to efficient function of every body organ such as lungs, liver and heart. Sufficient supply of Silica to human body is essential. So, you can take Diatomaceous Earth supplements so that your body will have sufficient Silica levels.
    ·5 Industrial Benefits
    Some manufacturing companies also use Diatomaceous Earth powder for developing different products. They use this powder for creating different products such as filter tool, thermal product and more. The agricultural sector also gained benefits from using the properties of Diatomaceous Earth.
    Different Varieties of Diatomaceous Earth
    Diatomaceous Earth comes with different varieties such as Salt-water Derived, Freshwater Derived Food Grade, Moler, Bann Clay and Tripolite. Salt water is a variety of Diatomaceous Earth which is not safe and suitable for human exposure and consumption. The Freshwater Derived Food Grade is a type of Diatomaceous Earth that can be used for agricultural purposes. The Moler, also called Mo-Clay, is a variety found in Denmark. The Bann Clay is found in Northern part of Ireland while Tripolite is a type found in Libya.